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Surface Transportation Program (STP)

Program Description

Provides funding that may be used for projects on federal-aid highways and bridges, transit capital projects, and intracity and intercity bus terminals and facilities.

Program Eligibility

An eligible project sponsor must be a local government in the Ogden/ Layton Urbanized or Salt Lake/ West Valley Urbanized Area, the department of transportation, or the transit authority, or submit a letter and application in cooperation with one of these entities.

Eligible Activities

STP Funds may be used for constructing new streets or widening, improving, or reconstructing existing streets classified as Federal Aid Eligible (FAE) freeways, highways, arterials or collectors (click here for the latest version of the FAE facilities map in your Urban Area). In addition, STP funds can be used for bridge replacement, intersection improvements, projects which reduce traffic demand, such as transit capital improvements and active transportation, and other projects as provided for in federal legislation. Major highway and transit capacity improvements must be identified in the first phase of the 2015-2040 RTP.


By population formula, the federal government currently apportions approximately $8,000,000 - $9,000,000 in Urban STP funds each year to the Ogden/ Layton Urbanized Area, and approximately $16,000,000 - $17,000,000 to the Salt Lake/ West Valley Area.  Funds are programmed over a six year period and so applicants currently will be competing for funds available in the federal fiscal year 2023.

Letters of Intent

In order for the WFRC staff to recommend whether a sponsor should submit an application, the “Letter of Intent” must include the project name, project limits, a brief project description, the type of funds being sought, and an estimated cost. A list of all the projects appropriately submitted will be distributed to members of the Councils of Governments (COGs) and then reviewed by WFRC to determine program eligibility. Letters of Intent are due October 27, 2016 to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .This letter should be signed by the Mayor, Commissioner, or executive director of the sponsoring agency.


Sponsors of eligible projects will be notified and required to completely fill out ALL of the following forms for each project by January 19, 2017. These reports will be reviewed for completeness. The projects will be evaluated and scored by the WFRC staff according to the approved criteria prior to presenting information to the Technical Committees for review and recommendation. The projects and the recommendations will then be presented to the COGs for discussion and review, and Trans Com for recommendation to the Regional Council.

Please click on each of the following buttons to obtain the necessary forms.

Concept Report Form Cost Estimation Form

Staff Contact

Ben Wuthrich