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Transportation and Land Use Connection

Training Academy
Under the umbrella of the Wasatch Choice 2050, the WFRC and partners have formed a Training Academy. The Training Academy's mission is to serve local governments with information on best practices, innovative approaches, current research, and available tools. The Academy will promote efficiencies in coordinating training efforts for WFRC programs and areas of focus highlighting activities that may have already occurred or has been successful throughout the region. Through the training events, we hope to encourage the use and knowledge of available resources and tools offered by WFRC and other partners. The Academy will provide practical and transferable solutions for economic development, land use, and active transportation. Click here to view training opportunities.

The TLC program encourages the use of tools and best practices. Below is a list of applicable tools. Feel free to utilize this list of tools and/or explore other options.
Wasatch Choice Toolbox
Green Infrastructure
Planning Data and Resources
Utah Bike Ped Guide
TOD Design Guidelines
Envision Utah Brownfield Redevelopment Toolbox
Top 10 Strategies to Reduce Travel Demand

Post Award Instructions and Resources

Awardee Webinar

This webinar outlines the post-award process for participating communities.

Transportation and Land Use Connection Webinar

Complete and Sign the Letter of Concurrence

The letter of concurrence is the first form of mutual understanding between the community awarded and the WFRC. It consists of basic project information, contact information, financial award and match, general timeline, and a summary of deliverables. It requires a signature from the community’s mayor. This is a preliminary step, before the completion of which we cannot begin working on the project.

Letter of Concurrence

Request for Pool Letter of Qualifications 

At this point, we will move forward with the Request for Pooled Letter of Qualifications (RPLOQ) if your total project budget exceeds $50,000, or if you choose to go through the RPLOQ process regardless. The RPLOQ must go out to at least three consultants from the Consultant Pool, but can go to as many as the community wishes. The community provides WFRC staff with a project description, project approach, and key deliverables, and the WFRC will prepare the RPLOQ including project budget information. We must have 2 consultant responses to adhere to the Federal process, or the RPLOQ process will have to occur again. Once received, WFRC staff will make a folder on a file sharing database and will circulate a link for all those involved to download the responses. There will be a 1-2 week turnaround for this step. A selection team, designated by the community but that includes at least two representatives from city and one from WFRC, will meet to choose the consultant for the project. It is up to the city to decide how to review the consultants, if desired WFRC has standard selection criteria that can be used.

This describes the standard process we use to select a consultant from the pool.

RPLOQ Consultant Selection Process

Select a Project Team

Your community is responsible for establishing the people that will be managing and completing the project. The WFRC project manager will work with you to determine if this team will be comprised of consultants, WFRC technical experts or a hybrid of both entities.

Create a Scope of Work

Working with your WFRC Project Manager, your community will work out a scope of work, including each deliverable and the tasks necessary to complete it, the entity responsible, the budget, and the timeline for completion. This scope will be followed throughout the process of your TLC project, and should strictly adhere to the details of your application. The following step, the program contract, will be the official approval of the scope by all involved entities. 

Sign Program Contract

Upon agreement on the scope of work with the procured consultant, the consultant will sign a program contract with the WFRC. Once under contract, work on the project and regularly scheduled project meetings can commence.

This is an example of the complete contract process from Draper City.

Draper LOC
Draper RPLOQ
Draper Contract


Contact Info:

Additional information on Transportation and Land Use Connection may be obtained by contacting Megan Townsend.