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The Transportation and Land Use Connection (TLC) program is made available through a partnership with Salt Lake County, the Utah Transit Authority, and the Utah Department of Transportation. The TLC program’s main objective is to provide technical assistance such as staff time, consulting, and training to local communities for planning, implementation, and visioning efforts that proactively address anticipated growth. It encourages communities to integrate their land use and regional transportation plans through the use of the Wasatch Choice Vision key growth principles. The TLC program seeks to help local governments develop in a way that works best for them, supporting their efforts to create livable and vibrant communities.

Now accepting applications for funding. Click on the application process icon below for additional information.

The Transportation and Land Use Connection supports local governments in their planning efforts, implementing the Wasatch Choice Vision.

  • Maximize the value of investment in public infrastructure
  • Enhance access to opportunity
  • Increase travel options to optimize mobility
  • Create communities with opportunities to live, work, and play

Contact Info:

Additional information on Transportation and Land Use Connection may be obtained by contacting Megan Townsend.