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The Wasatch Front Economic Development District (WFEDD or District) operates under the auspice of the Wasatch Front Regional Council (WFRC), a public organization established under state-enabling legislation for the creation of multi-jurisdictional area-wide planning. The WFEDD received designation as the region's Economic Development District from the US Department of Commerce's Economic Development Administration (EDA) in August of 2014.

The District's 12 member Governing Board is made up of elected officials and appointed leaders who broadly represent our five-county region’s unique geography.

The District’s 25 member Strategy Committee includes the 12 Governing Board members and 13 additional private sector representatives. The Strategy Committee is made up of members who contribute to and benefit from improved economic development throughout the region, and represent the following sectors: workforce development, education, banking and finance, construction, manufacturing, small business, and real estate. The Strategy Committee is responsible for guiding the development of the region’s Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS). The CEDS is the product of a collaborative and regional economic development planning process.


WFEDD Strategy Committee
Wasatch Front Economic Development District Strategy Committee members. Top row from left to right: Jeff Edwards, Randy Sant, Chris Sloan, Councilmember John Barber, Carrie Mayne, Susie Becker, LaNiece Davenport (Director), Mayor Bill Applegarth. Bottom row from left to right: Abby Osborne, Commissioner James Ebert, Commissioner Shawn Milne (Chair), Michael Bouwhuis (Vice Chair), Commissioner Jim Smith. Not pictured: Todd R. Bingham, Carlton Christenson, Lew Cramer, Bruce Davis, Chris DeHerrera, Benjamin Hart, Steve Lyon, Gavin McCleary, Darin Mellott, Reid Newey, Scott Parkinson, Shaun Peterson, Joseph Spence.

Who Funds Us
The District is financially supported by our five member counties (Davis, Morgan, Salt Lake, Tooele, and Weber counties), as well as the US Economic Development Administration.