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Wasatch Front Regional Council Data

To support the planning and other processes that the Wasatch Front Regional Council is responsible for, we maintain a number of data sets.  The data produced by WFRC is used as inputs to the planning process or is generated by it.  These data may be accessed in the sections below.  GIS data are also available in shapefile format.  If the data you desire are not listed below, contact the WFRC staff.



The Wasatch Front Regional Council, as the designated Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) for the Salt Lake City/Ogden, UT MSA, has the responsibility for, among other things, the transportation planning activities for this area.  As input to this effort, the WFRC develops and provides socioeconomic estimates and projections.  These figures are also used by local planners, consultants, and other interested parties for use in other planning related activities.

2010 Base Socioeconomic Data

2010 Socioeconomic Newsletter

2040 Projections Report

2040 Projections Data

Staff Contact: Scott Festin


WFRC maintains a collection of GIS data related to transportation, land use, municipal government, and Census.  Some data are available here for download and more will be made available as it is developed.  The links below will download the GIS data.  WFRC uses ESRI ArcView software and data are in UTM, Zone 12N, NAD83, meters.  If you need data in other projections or formats, contact the staff members below.

1990 Census Geography Traffic Analysis Zone Boundaries

2000 Censes Geography Traffic Analysis Zone Boundaries

2002 Traffic Analysis Zone Boundaries

2010 Traffic Analysis Zone Boundaries (Most Current)

Staff Contact: Scott Festin


For existing traffic data from the Utah Department of Transportation, click here.

Staff Contact: Jon Larsen


Wasatch Front Regional Council's preliminary forecasted traffic volumes for the year 2040 in the Ogden-Layton Urbanized Area are found here.  Similar forecast for the Salt Lake-West Valley Urbanized Area are found here.  The legend indicates the expected margin of error for the values shown on the maps, which depend on the magnitude of the volume, but range from 10-20%.  These ranges are generally based on acceptable confidence intervals found in the Federal Highway Administration's Model Validation and Reasonableness Checking Manual.  For environmental studies or alternatives analysis, WFRC recommends using the travel model directly, but still tempering results by observed values, so that appropriate comparisons can be made among alternatives.  The forecasts found here on the website generally assume completion of the current Wasatch Front Regional Transportation Plan 2011-2040 WFRC assumes no liability for others' use of these traffic forecasts, including both the individual values and ranges of values obtained from the margins of error.  "Final" forecasts for 2040 will likely be published by the end of calendar year 2015.

Staff Contact: Wayne Bennion