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Past Regional Transportation Plans

The Regional Transportation Plan (RTP) is the Salt Lake-West Valley and the Ogden-Layton Urbanized Areas’ fiscally constrained plan for highway, transit, and other facility improvements designed and programmed to meet the growth in projected travel demand over the next several decades.  Developed in accordance with federal guidelines and requirements, the RTP includes transportation facilities improvements identified by region-wide planner, engineers, elected officials, various interest groups, transportation agencies, stakeholders, and the general public through an extensive planning process.  This process, along with the steps used to develop the RTP, are documented and supported with analysis and evaluation methods that help determine the best transportation improvements for a limited amount of funding.  Estimated costs for each highway and transit project are also documented and all social, economic, and environmental impacts and benefits of the RTP are also listed and supported with available data.  The RTP is required by federal law to be updated every four years.

Archived Regional Transportation Plans

Final 2011-2040

The 2011-2040 Regional Transportation Plan was adopted by the Wasatch Front Regional Council on May 26, 2011. 

Regional Transportation Plan Brochure

Title & Table of Contents
Technical Report Abstract
Chapter 1 - Overview
Chapter 2 - Regional Visioning
Chapter 3 - Needs Assessment
Chapter 4 - Alternatives Development and Evaluation
Chapter 5 - Project Selection and Phasing
Chapter 6 - Financial Plan
Chapter 7 - Planned Improvements
Chapter 8 - Plan Impacts and Benefits
Chapter 9 - Plan Implementation
Chapter 10 - Glossary of Terms
Chapter 11 - List of Acronyms
Charting Our Course

Amendment 1
Amendment 2
Amendment 3
Amendment 4
Amendment 5

Interactive Map
Interactive Map

Maps and Lists

Highway Type and Phasing Map
Transit Type and Phase 1 Map
Transit Phase 2 and Phase 3 Map
Highway Project List
Transit Project List
Highway Project Type Map with List
Transit Project Type Map with List
Bicycle Regional Plan
Bicycle Priority Route Plan

Air Quality Conformity Analysis
Air Quality Memo 31 RTP 2040
Air Quality Memo 32 RTP 2040

Appendix A - Socioeconomic Forecasts
Appendix B - Regionally Significant Minor Arterials
Appendix C - Transportation Modeling and Analysis Tools
Appendix D - Public Involvement Summary
Appendix E - Wasatch Choice for 2040 Brochure
Appendix F - CMS Travel Model Analysis
Appendix G - Aviation Activity By Individual Airport
Appendix H - 3-Year Crash Statistics
Appendix I - Alternatives Development and Evaluation
Appendix J - Evaluation Categories by TAZs
Appendix K - Highway and Transit Project Selection and Phasing
Appendix L - CMP Criteria for Highway Project
Appendix M - Highway and Transit Revenue Sources
Appendix N - Highway Project Descriptions
Appendix O - Highway and Transit Functional Classification
Appendix P - Transit Project Descriptions
Appendix Q - Coordinated Plan and Mobility Management Project
Appendix R - Regional System Airport Maps
Appendix S - Complete Streets, Initiative, and Primer
Appendix T - Transportation Needs of Targeted Populations
Appendix U - Project Specific Impacts
Appendix V - NEPA and RTP Planning Process Memorandum
Appendix W - Interium Guidance on SAFETEA-LU Provisions
Appendix X - Air Quality Memorandum

2011 Regional Transportation Plan Brochure

Final 2007-2030

Contact Info:
Additional information on the Regional Transportation Plan may be obtained by contacting Jory Johner.