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Assess Needs: Determine overall population projections that will shape transportation, housing, and growth patterns, etc.

As the Wasatch Front region grows and land development patterns evolve between now and 2050, the transportation needs for all modes will also change. How the transportation system affects land use and how land use affects the transportation system will be ever-increasingly important considerations.

For the development of the 2019-2050 Regional Transportation Plan, WFRC is gathering input from local stakeholders regarding growth patterns taking place in local communities and across the region.

WFRC has partnered with UDOT, UTA, Envision Utah, and various stakeholder groups to learn firsthand from local elected officials and staff to get their input regarding the transportation needs for their area. The input from these local meetings across the region will help to form the basis for two land use and transportation scenarios for each area of the region.

Further refinement of these local scenarios will result in a regionally preferred scenario. This regionally preferred scenario will then become Wasatch Choice 2050, incorporating the vision as the building block for the 2019-2050 Regional Transportation Plan.

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