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Benefits and Impacts

The transportation projects included in the 2015-2040 RTP are planned to meet the travel needs and improve quality of life within the Wasatch Front for the next 30 years. WFRC developed project lists with residents, local government stakeholders, and partner agencies by collecting project ideas and testing them against the RTP Goals. To see those stakeholders comments, click here. To be implemented, the region will need both existing and additional transportation revenues, which are outlined in the phasing and financial assumptions.

In addition to regional road, transit, and bicycle improvements, the 2015-2040 RTP also recommends general policy for transportation systems, enhancements, regional freight movement, safety, preservation and maintenance, and homeland security.  The Plan conforms to federal air quality standards, meaning that the vehicle emissions estimated for the year 2040 are within the limits identified in the State Implementation Plan (SIP).  Click here for the Plan's air quality conformity analysis.

The interactive map contains all of the highway, transit, and bike projects proposed for the 2015-2040 RTP. Users can see the project phasing by turning layers on and off.

Information on Amendments to this plan can be found here.

Interactive Map                                                2015-2040 RTP Document


Click here for more information on the Finalize Planned Projects section of the 2015-2040 Regional Transportation Plan document.