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Benefits and Impacts

The Wasatch Choice for 2040 is embodied in nine Regional Growth Principles. These reflect many of the values held by Utahans and were drafted based on a review of input from community workshops, open houses, committee deliberations, surveys and polling. The Growth Principles have been adopted by the Regional Council and many of the local governments in the metropolitan area.

The Growth Principles promote quality growth throughout the region. WFRC uses these shared Principles to provide a foundation for the organization’s plans and programs and establish the Regional Transportation Plan Goals. Together with other required transportation factors, the Growth Principles provide the framework for developing performance criteria, such as those dealing with environmental quality, economic growth, cost effectiveness, enhanced mobility, safety and other like criteria. These criteria are then used as a tool in identifying projects for the RTP that best fulfill the objectives of the Growth Principles.

The nine Growth Principles are listed below, and you can learn more at Wasatch Choice for 2040 Principles.

  1. Provide public infrastructure that is efficient and adequately maintained
  2. Provide regional mobility through a variety of interconnected transportation choices
  3. Integrate local land use with regional transportation systems
  4. Provide housing for people in all life stages and incomes
  5. Ensure public health and safety
  6. Enhance the regional economy
  7. Promote regional collaboration
  8. Strengthen sense of community
  9. Protect and enhance the environment