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Benefits and Impacts

Highway Projects

Programmed highway improvements in the 2015 - 2040 RTP include a balance of freeway, highway, arterial and collector road projects.  The projects add needed capacity through the construction of new facilities or the widening of existing roads.  Two new freeways are planned:  the Mountain View Corridor and West Davis Corridor.  One principle arterial is proposed to be converted to a freeway – the Bangerter Highway.  These large scale projects will help offset the growing travel demand throughout the Region.  The need for approximately 182 miles of additional capacity on existing freeways, such as I-15, SR-201, I-215, I-80, and US-89 is also recognized and addressed.

The 2015 - 2040 RTP includes new or expanded arterial streets and freeway improvements required to serve the existing and developing areas of the Wasatch Front Region.  Approximately 592 miles of capacity improvements are proposed for construction over the next 26 years.  Highway facilities that will be constructed or improved include approximately 182 miles of freeway, 185 miles of principal arterials, 95 miles of minor arterials, and 129 miles of collector roads.  Major projects in the 2015 - 2040 RTP include the construction of the West Davis Corridor through Davis and Weber Counties, the widening of US Highway 89 in Davis County, improvement of portions of I-15 in Salt Lake, Davis, and Weber Counties, the completion of the Mountain View Corridor in Salt Lake County, and the reconstruction of I-80 from 1300 East to the mouth of Parleys Canyon.  Due to financial constraints, not all of the new capacity projects recommend for construction by 2040 can be met by the 2015 - 2040 RTP.  However, by identifying expected highway revenue and expected construction and maintenance costs, the WFRC staff has developed a list of new capacity highway projects for which funding will likely be available beginning in 2015 and continuing through 2040.

The 2015 - 2040 RTP’s Highway Project List identified segments of corridors which will require new construction, widening or upgrades, or operational improvements.  Each project description includes the project number, project name, project length, the type of improvement, number of lanes, current right-of-way width, proposed 2040 right-of-way width, functional classification, length of improvement, category of bicycle improvement, facility owner, when the project is needed, financially constrained phase, current cost, and phased cost.  The 2015 - 2040 RTP Highway Projects List is can be reviewed by clicking the link below or accessing the interactive map, clicking on the project, and viewing the information in the pop up box.

Highway Projects List