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Benefits and Impacts

Revenues used to build and maintain transportation infrastructure come from a variety of sources such as user fees, sales tax, the state general fund, fuel taxes, and federal funding. These revenues come one year at a time and transportation projects can only be built as these funds become available. As such, all highway and transit projects in the RTP must be selected and phased based on need and financial constraints. A project is considered ‘phased’ in the Draft 2015-2040 RTP when the construction start date falls in one of the three phases listed below. As there are more project costs than revenue, some projects were placed into an “unfunded” category. Learn more about our financial model used to determine funding availability.

  • Phase 1, from 2015 to 2024
  • Phase 2, from 2025 to 2034
  • Phase 3, from 2035 to 2040
  • Needed, but not assumed to be funded by 2040

The criteria and methodology used to select projects and the phase of projects differs slightly by mode. Non-motorized facilities were not refined, ranked, or phased because a constrained funding source for these projects has yet to be identified.

Click here for more information on the Select Projects and Phase section of the 2015-2040 Regional Transportation Plan document.

Preferred Scenario Phasing Criteria