Predator Control

This includes the strategies and practices to control the actions of or reduce the number of predator animals. In Utah the focus is on coyotes, as specified in two predator-related bills passed by the State Legislature in 2012. Senate Bill 87 added a $5 fee to big game hunting permits to fund the predator control programs. Senate Bill 245 provides general funding to administer predator control programs.[1]

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The Utah Division of Wildlife Resources will reimburse $50 for each coyote removed. Participates must take an online training course and fill out a compensation form.

Utah’s Predator Control Program provides:

Best Management Practices
To participate in coyote removal follow the training and guidelines provided by the Utah Predator Control Program.

Economic Considerations

The 2015 summary report of the Utah Predator Control Program gives the following economic considerations.[2] The state believes that the Program has been one of the factors that have contributed to the increase in mule deer populations in the state.

Coyotes submitted for payment and compensation paid in 2014 and 2015.
YearCoyotes RemovedCompensation
(calculated value)

Impact Considerations

Removing predators could increase the number of mule deer fawns that survive.[1]

“It will likely take several years of implementation of this program before improvements in fawn:doe ratios statewide may become observed and this effect may be more visible in local areas versus statewide.”[2]

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